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Call for New Board Members

As the seasons change, I’m reminded again how God works in each step of our lives. As President of ASM, and Chairman of the Board, God has used my time of service through ASM to grow and change me immensely. I, and my family, have been blessed as God has allowed us to be a part of His work throughout the world. God can use the gifts, resources, and experiences He’s given each of us to expand the reach of His Word, so all may hear. Is God calling you to do so through ASM?

ASM’s Board consists of a team of committed volunteers, each of whom has a passion for the Lord, and a desire to share His Word globally. As part of good Board Governance practices, ASM’s Board members serve with a term limit of three years (followed by rotating off the Board for one term). We are looking for additional women and men who are interested in serving a term as a Board Member. The commitment involves two, 1-day board meetings a year, some committee work, and a few virtual meetings, depending on ministry needs. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a passion for global mission, and an ability to serve are the main requirements. A background in finance, accounting, law, or technology would be especially helpful—as well as a willingness to help raise awareness about ASM within your own sphere of influence.

Is the Lord calling you to prayerfully consider serving on ASM’s Board of Directors, or would you like to recommend someone you know who might be a good fit? Please email for more information and an application.

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