Blankets of Compassion

A new blanket. Regular visits. Prayer and medical care. Your support of ASM’s Compassionate Care (CC) Team in Mozambique is providing these things (and more) for people’s bodies AND souls, bringing practical help and spiritual hope to someone like Celestino (pictured above).

Celestino was sleeping in his house, cold air blowing through the gaps of the bamboo, mud, and thatch that make up the walls.

Because of the 10°C (50°F) winter weather, he kept a fire burning in a firepit in the middle of his small room. As Celestino moved nearer the fire for warmth in his sleep, his blanket and pant leg caught on fire, causing severe burns on his whole leg.

The CC Team visited him a week later to dress his burns and give him the treatment and medicine he needed to heal properly. The team also taught Celestino’s neighbor how to dress the wounds and care for him until the team could come back next week.

The team gave Celestino a new fire-resistant wool blanket from the 2021 Mozambique Container (thank you again for making that possible!). Not only is Celestino now supplied with the life-giving medicine he needs to recover from his severe injuries, he has also been given the Word of Life in an audio Bible. While he remains bedridden for a few months, he’ll be able to listen to God’s sweet Word in his heart language. Thank you!

Would you pray for Celestino’s recovery, for the CC Team visiting each patient in need, and for those who have not yet heard the Word of Life in their heart language?

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