Atepec People Celebrate God’s Word in Audio

We are overjoyed every time our Mexican technicians finish a New Testament recording. We have experienced this euphoria ten times in 2014, and seventy times over the past twelve years. Each recording completed gives us cause to celebrate. We rejoice that God has allowed us to collaborate with Him in the task of bringing His Word to people who need to hear it.

The churches in Mexico often take time to celebrate special occasions, too. After we finished the recording of the Atepec New Testament, the church leaders planned a great celebration to dedicate the Word of God in audio. Excitement and anticipation marked the day that the first shipment of audio Bibles arrived in the village. The printed translation was initially available in 1970, but only a few speakers of that language could read, so having God’s Word in audio was an event worthy of celebration.

For almost three hours the people sang, praised God, gave thanks, and of course, ate tamales. The pastors were eager to start listening to the Word in their own language, knowing that it would refresh their weary souls. They knew that these audio Bibles would produce much fruit, and they have! Believers have been strengthened in their resolve to follow Christ, others who had fallen away have returned to church wanting to serve God again, and new Atepec speakers have come to faith now that they have access to the Scriptures in a way they can understand.

Please rejoice with us! Your partnership allows us to make God’s Word accessible to the people of Atepec and many others just like them. Thank you for your prayers and your generous gifts, which enable us to reach the many non-reading people of this world.

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