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20 Ways to Pray for Team Trips

Written by Jamie Loker, ASM Latin America Director

How can you pray for Scripture distribution trips?  Here are some ideas! The following 20 ways to pray for team trips are gathered from years of organizing trips and serving Jesus in a cross-cultural setting, copied from my own prayer journal. I hope they’re a helpful starting point for you!

On an ASM team trip, our goal is always to help connect people to God’s Word in an accessible way, in audio, in their own heart language. We always pray that the Scriptures would go out with the power of the Holy Spirit to:

—Evangelize the unreached, reaching those who do not yet know Jesus
—Bring conviction of sin where needed
—Disciple/train/instruct/equip believers who are oral learners
—Plant churches
—Encourage and revitalize the saints, especially those enduring persecution
—Stir up worship and revival

To that end, pray for…

  1. Traveling mercies throughout the trip, including safe arrival of each team member and all luggage
  2. Audio Bibles and other equipment to clear customs without hassle
  3. Effective personal and group devotional times in preparation for ministry
  4. The team to work effectively, hidden from the enemy’s view, protected from oppositional forces (2 Samuel 22:2-3)
  5. Hearts to be softened beforehand and prepared to hear the Good News in their own language
  6. Wisdom and discernment for knowing how to pray in each situation (Ephesians 6:18) and in the homes and villages visited
  7. Changed hearts and lives as people are dramatically rescued from the kingdom of darkness and brought into the kingdom of Light
  8. Whole households to come to repentance and faith in Jesus
  9. Encouragement, hope, fresh vision for the local pastors and evangelists we accompany
  10. Seeds of the gospel to spread throughout the region, continuing to nearby villages, penetrating hearts with the message of truth, freedom, redemption, and love of Jesus
  11. Team unity, for “a rhino’s hide and the heart of a dove”
  12. Clear communication through interpreters
  13. Powerful Holy Spirit answers to prayer and confirmations to empower the evangelistic effort, and bring glory to God
  14. Each team member to experience joy and delight, walking in strength, faith, confidence, health, and freedom from fear and grumbling
  15. Restful and restorative sleep each night, particularly for the leaders
  16. Protection for each spouse and family member back home and for each prayer partner involved in the spiritual battle during this week
  17. Flexibility and good attitudes when plans change and God reminds everyone Who is in charge
  18. The team members to catch the vision for reaching the unreached with Scriptures in a language and format they can access
  19. Each audio Bible left behind to bear much fruit, well beyond the scope of what we see and experience in one short week
  20. God’s kingdom to be established among this particular people group, for His will to be done

Thank you for “standing in the gap” by prayer! Want to learn more about ASM Team Trips, or how you can help bring God’s Word in audio to a specific place? Email us at

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