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When God Lights a Fire

“Is it OK I if post about this [VBS ‘audio Bible’ mission project] on social media?” one mom stopped by to ask the staff of Faith Reformed Church in Midland Park, NJ. This congregation was one of several churches that experienced the joy of sparking vision for an even wider harvest with their own community VBS, by joining with ASM (and partner, Many Hands for Haiti) this summer to provide much-valued audio Bibles to families in Haiti. Faith Reformed had about 70 children attending their VBS program, most from families outside the church. Their mission project goal was to raise $1,000 to send about 24 audio Bibles to Haiti.

As the kids heard the need, the spark ignited! They told their parents about this project, and many caught the fire. Parents shared with others in the community about the incredible potential of this investment: A solar-powered audio Bible can be used by anyone, doesn’t require electricity at home, and will help connect a whole family to hear God’s Word! Amazingly, each of the 70 kids raised almost enough for a player themselves, and then others in the Midland Park community started bringing in checks, one for $200, then $500, until the total came to $6,000. We praise God for the 146 audio Bibles sent by this single VBS!

Would you prayerfully consider: What fire might God want to light through your Sunday School group or VBS in 2020, to share His Word with those still waiting to hear?

Watch the video to see the joy of one Haitian friend receiving an audio Bible:

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