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Vision 2025 Progress — Summer 2023


  • ASM Team joining in weekly focused prayer for church partners

  • Monthly in-person prayer gatherings with volunteers

  • Devoting time in each ASM meeting and gathering to be “prayerful, watchful, and thankful” (Colossians 4:2)


  • South Asia – training and distribution scheduled this summer to reach two unreached people groups

  • USA – growing partnerships to distribute audio Bibles in Virginia and Alaska prisons

  • Mexico – audio Bible distribution trips with church and ministry partners

Gospel Progress

  • Mozambique – celebrating 25,000+ audio Bibles distributed since 2009, reaching more than 100,000+ people!

  • Kenya – training prison chaplains and pastors and distributing audio Bibles in prisons, with open doors to do more!

  • South Asia – New Testament recording completed in the D* language

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