Vision 2025 Progress—Fall 2023


  • An additional 73 supporting churches joined ASM’s prayer guide mailing list — praise God!


  • ASM team lifting up prayer requests weekly for ministry partners and churches


  • ASM’s bi-annual “Global Day of Prayer and Fasting” taking place with Board and Staff in October, focused on Psalm 145


  • Growing and new connections with ministry leaders in South Asia, Germany, USA, Mexico, and Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Additional Bible Engagement trainings completed in South Asia, equipping leaders from dozens of districts, in person, to train others


  • 2 New Testaments and 1 Pentateuch Recording completed; and 5 additional Bible recordings in progress in Mexico, South Asia, and Mozambique

  • Audio Bible devices sent in 112+ languages this year

  • 59+ Bible Engagement training events to equip leaders

  • Integral Mission—192 palliative care patients served to-date in central Mozambique

  • Doors opening in a South Asian unreached group via disaster relief

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