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Tools to Share God’s Word

Audio Players

For many people, a dedicated audio Bible is the best way—or the only way—to hear God’s Word. Thanks to ASM ministry partners, these and other devices are available, each with different strengths. Contact us to learn how these solar-powered, durable players can help you share God’s Word with those still waiting to hear.


The Nav is a solar-powered 8 GB, micro-SD based audio Bible with fully encrypted audio. You can choose between having 2 “sections” – or languages – with Bible and Bible resources. Internally water-resistant. Plays for 12+ hours on full charge.


The Kulumi (8 GB) is available in a yellow and blue color. This device has a micro SD card inside that plays the audio. Soft touch buttons and solar-powered. Plays 6-8 hours on full charge.

Envoy S Dual 

The solar-charged Envoy S Dual (4GB) by MegaVoice can toggle between two languages, or between the Bible and Bible engagement materials.

Envoy 2 Ember

The Ember (8GB) by MegaVoice features both onboard memory and an SD card-slot for adding content. It also has a flashlight, and playback speed control.

Envoy S (Clear)

This 4GB audio Bible’s transparent case is designed for special ministry contexts such as distribution in prison systems.

Envoy 3

The Envoy 3 (8GB) by MegaVoice has the features of the Ember but is larger in size and also adds radio capability (FM/AM/shortwave) and an LED screen for easier navigation.

Other Tools and Accessories

Ask us about other creative Gospel Media distribution tools available, and the suggested donations for each.

Wifi Distribution Devices

Several portable, pocket-sized devices are available to enable smart phone users to simultaneously connect directly to a wifi local area network (no internet access needed) and download Bible and Bible engagement media – audio and video – directly to their phones.

SD Cards

In ministry areas where smart phones are prevalent but coverage or streaming data is not, SD cards can be a cost-effective option for sharing Gospel media. New technology allows locking of content so it cannot be modified or deleted. 

Solar Speakers

Solar powered speakers contribute a full range of sound for larger listening groups.

USB Sender (MegaVoice)

This portable memory device allows the distributor to plug it into an Android or iOS device to easily transfer Gospel media directly to a listener’s phone or tablet. 

Wildlife Storyteller

Wildlife storytellers are comforting stuffed animals with audio players inside. These can be useful for ministry with children, or serving those who have experienced trauma.

Other Accessories

Power adapters (110V) provide a fast charge for players in any weather conditions.

Earbuds give opportunity for private individual listening.



Contact the Resource Department

For questions about how you can use these tools, or to request audio Bibles or other resources please submit a resource request or contact us.