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The Thrill of Sharing God’s Word

What adventure is God calling YOU into? Could it be the thrill of sharing His Word by:

  • Praying for opportunities to share audio Bibles.
  • Sharing a Bible app with someone, in their language.
  • Giving to fund an audio Bible.
  • Knitting or crocheting an audio Bible lanyard, so someone can take it wherever they go.
  • Personally delivering an audio Bible.

Jim and Jenna experienced this thrill with Jennifer, a local grocery store cashier. Her husband, Josué, was on dialysis and needed a Bible. Upon receiving two ASM audio Bibles through YOUR prayers and support, Jenna thought, “I know exactly who this is meant for!” 

Returning to the store, Jenna placed the audio Bible in Jennifer’s hands. Jennifer exclaimed that this was better than a paper Bible since her husband struggled to read well.

At home, Jenna’s son frequently used her phone to listen to God’s Word. Jenna gave him the second audio Bible, amazed that the 7-year-old navigated it effortlessly. Now, he listens to God’s Word nonstop!

These are your stories. Who else in your home or community needs an audio Bible? What door is God opening for you to share the Greatest Story? With lower-cost audio devices, cell phone apps, and other tools, you can experience the thrill of sharing God’s Word! Learn more at

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