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Tears of Joy

Sergio in Mozambique recently did some direct distributions. He remembers one story in particular;

“When we were evangelizing some homes I came to one where a lady said she likes to hear the Word of God but she is dying spiritually. Her knees cause her lots of pain, and she cannot see, so she can’t read the Bible or go to church. This old woman surprised me when she recited all the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations from memory. After that she dropped tears of happiness when I made her listen to the Word from the audio Bible. Then she said, ‘Son…bless the people who had vision to make the Word of God be listened to on radios like this. There are thousands of people like me who can’t go to church anymore, and even our leaders have abandoned us.’”

Praise God that He will never abandon us, and pray that more people would have His Word etched in their hearts like this woman.

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