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Tag: Africa

20 People Saved

They couldn’t wait to share their story! Katja and Jonathan told Tara Rye, ASM’s Bible Engagement Director, how “20 of the majority people group have come to Jesus from the solar audio Bibles, and five people have recommitted their lives to Christ!”

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Prison Walls Are Talking

“Our prison walls are now talking—about Jesus’ love and His mission to reconcile us to Himself!” Pastor Luka reported, a Marsabit Prison Chaplain…

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The Only Thing Wrong

“We have to have you come back!” Pastor David said. Thanks to YOUR prayers and support, ASM Executive Director, Naomi Frizzell, and Bible Engagement Director, Tara Rye met with key…

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2,698 Cubic Feet of Love

What real difference can one hand-knitted hat make in someone’s life, you might wonder. The 3 or 4 hours you invested in knitting each hat, choosing just the right yarn and pattern, praying for the person who will wear it, is making a difference in Mozambique…

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