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Story Teller of the Year Contest Winners!

“If she is having a bad day or is struggling with fear like I did, she could just go to her furry friend and she can listen to her audio Bible, while snuggling with her StoryTeller.” – Victoria

Our staff loved reading through each of the more than 50 contest entries from kids around the world. We are so proud of every child that submitted an essay to us, but these six entries stood out to us from the pack:


Victoria (4th-6th Grade)

Have you ever known someone who was always fearful? Well, I used to be one of those people. Instead of going forwards in life, I felt like I was going backwards! I used to be passive on the soccer field, I used to be timid with the gifts God gave me, I let people push me around without defending myself! Until one night, my parents came and talked to me. They told me that God doesn’t want us to have a spirit of fear, God wants us to be fearless! They also gave me some memory verses to dwell on in case I got worried or scared. One of my favorites is, Joshua 1:9, “I have commanded you haven’t I? Be strong and courageous. Don’t be fearful or discouraged, because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” And boy did I feel better! It felt like the weight was lifted off my shoulders! I felt so happy and relieved! God helped me to get over my fear by scripture.

I think it would be important for Karima, a girl in Bangladesh, to get a storyteller. Karima is eight years old. My family has gotten to know her through Food for the Hungry, an organization that sponsors kids in need. Karima has impacted our lives in a way that has made us thank the Lord every day for what He has given us, and to pray for others who are in need. I would want her to have the same strength from hearing God’s Word that I get. I would want her to learn to be courageous through the power of God’s Word. If she is having a bad day or is struggling with fear like I did, she could just go to her furry friend and she can listen to her audio Bible, while snuggling with her StoryTeller. Since Karima has impacted me and my family’s lives, we want to give something in return. I want her to “Be Bold” just like God has commanded us!

Lydia D. (1st-3rd Grade)

I want to send a Wildlife Storyteller to someone in Turkey but I think the Bible is something that needs to be shared to everyone. Too many people are fearing what is going to happen in the life up ahead. So I don’t want them to fear. And a new Wildlife StoryTeller can be a new toy for them to play and have fun with. I want Turkish people and everyone to know that the Bible is real. And I want them to know that they are God’s children and that they are worth a lot to him. I want their hearts to be soft and warm. I want them to know how deep God’s love is for them. I want their love for God to get stronger if they do love Jesus.


Lydia W. (4th-6th Grade)

The dusty air is hot and it clogs a little girl’s lungs. As she sits, crumpled beneath a tree, she hears the roar of the trucks and motorbikes speeding past, but she cannot see them. She feels the urge to get up and run, but she cannot move. Her skinny, twisted limbs could never support a girl like her. She has no independence, and no help. She is utterly alone, and there is nothing she can do about it. How can she hope for a life when she knows there isn’t a life to hope for? How will she call for help when no one will listen?

There is nothing for her here in Cambodia, she knows that all too well. No one wants the blind or crippled, because it is believed that people like her are cursed. No one wants blind or crippled, so no one wants that little girl. Day and night she has nothing to cling to; nothing to reassure her that when the sun rises the next day she will still be alive. This girl needs hope. This girl needs a StoryTeller to let her know that she isn’t alone, that she does have hope. Maybe she doesn’t know who God is yet, but she constantly wonders if there is someone out there who cares about her; someone who knows her name and calls it out to her without a rejecting glare or excluding insult.

If this little girl gets so much as a hug from a creature she can’t even see, it will let her know that she is in the arms of an everlasting God, and whatever comes tomorrow is in His hands. If this little girl receives one StoryTeller from one person who is kind enough to stop and listen, it will change her life. A star will wink through the darkness of her blind eyes; a shadow will wave in a forgotten dream; a cricket will sing a note too enchanting to miss; and she will know that she is not alone.

Jace (1st-3rd Grade)

A StoryTeller is a special designed stuffed animal that contains two special features. It has a pouch. In the pouch there is a solar powered Bible. It is the same size as an Ipod and it has buttons but no screen. It tells Bible stories. You can choose different stories to listen to.

I bet you are asking who I will give it to. I’d give it to Hendrik, my neighbor. He is three years old. I bet he would love snuggling with this soft animal that tells stories. The good thing is it’s better than a plain old story. All these stories are from the Bible!


Hayden (4th-6th Grade)

If I could give anyone in the world a Wildlife StoryTeller, it would be my teacher’s nephews, Jake and Keelan, who are visually impaired. My teacher shared a heartfelt story with us about them. She said that a year ago in December, she didn’t know what to give her nephews for Christmas. She wanted to give them something they could see, and it hit her. She saw a wand that lit up when you hit it. During their Christmas party, whenever the two hit the wands, their faces lit up with joy because they could see the light. These kids deserve to hear the Bible and cuddle with these friends. They would love to hear God’s word.

First, these kids deserve to hear the Bible. They’ve gone through a very tough time. The doctors said that they weren’t going to make it. The babies were a pound at birth. Every day was led by hope of survival, and they could die at any moment. But they grew, and learned to speak. They’re so joyful. If you see their video, Keelan tries to make friends with the camera man. Jake has autism and Keelan is in a wheel chair. These kids deserve to hear the Bible.

Second, they would love to cuddle with these furry friends. Feeling is one of their four cherished senses, and they would adore cuddling up to a soft animal at night. This could help them go to sleep when they are thinking about their troubles. They would love a cuddly animal to help them sleep. It’d be another blessing in their life.

Third, they would enjoy hearing the Bible. They have heard it from their parents and read it in Braille, but a musical version would be amazing. They would love hearing music and the Bible at the same time. It would be two blessings in one.

In conclusion, giving them a StoryTeller would help them grow spiritually. Jake and Keelan have had a rough life, and these friends would help them a lot.

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Ezra (1st-3rd Grade)

We should send a StoryTeller to a Israel kid. It is a easy way and a cute way to teach them the bible. It’s good for them and they’re good people and don’t know the bible. So I should send it to be kind. It is a cute way to learn the bible, so I should send this stuffed animal. Maybe they won’t read the bible but they will listen to this cute little stuffed animal; because it’s cute and fun.

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