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Orphans Emboldened by Sharing God’s Word

Thank you so much.

YOUR gifts to “Audio Bibles – Where Most Needed” helped send 101 audio Bibles to Hope Academy in Ethiopia. They are already making a beautiful difference in the lives of these precious orphans and refugee children from South Sudan. 

Our friends who delivered these audio Bibles reported this: 

  • “The kids were incredible and they LOVED the audio Bibles.
  • They have clearly been using the ones already sent. They are able to share scripture in English and Nuer. My favorite thing was watching girls who seem painfully quiet and shy “come to life” when they shared Scripture.
  • When they share the message of salvation, they become strong and bold young women…

  • These children have nothing! But they know they have everything they need through Jesus. It is humbling to work with them. Thank you for allowing us to carry the Bibles to Ethiopia.”

Our national partner at Hope Academy wants to thank YOU. He recognizes how important it is to share the audio Bibles with their whole community and in the future, with neighboring South Sudan, so Jesus can bring lasting peace after years of conflict.

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