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Meet Wanda

Wanda Maloy joined ASM in 1999 having moved to Michigan with her husband and two children in the late 90s. She had felt God leading her into some form of mission work and was eventually directed to ASM. Since then she has played a vital role in missions by coordinating much of the ministry’s daily functions as the Operations Manager. Through the years she has assisted many of ASM’s projects globally and was also able to visit some of ASM’s team members abroad. Reflecting on her visits to Mozambique and India, Wanda says how meaningful it was to see God working in lives all around the world. She says “whether you know the language or not there is a connection through the Spirit”–it is these beautiful reminders that lift us up and encourage us as the global body of Christ.

Closer to home, Wanda says she has been just as encouraged working alongside coworkers who are fellow believers. Studying God’s Word together, praying together, and living the daily Christian life together have been some of her favorite moments at work. Thinking of staff, donors, volunteers and community friends, Wanda sees ASM as an extension of her own family.

We are grateful for Wanda and her many years of investment in the ASM family and the mission to send God’s Word to those who have not yet heard.

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