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Meet Sergio

Sergio Muianga has served as a pastor since 2002. As a pastor, Sergio saw how people responded enthusiastically to audio Bible materials in their own language. After completing his degree at Wesleyan Bible College (Xai-Xai, Mozambique), Sergio felt the Lord calling him to help fellow Mozambicans hear God’s Word by recording and distributing Scripture.

In 2005, Sergio began working with ASM, and now is president of Mozambique’s Associação das Escrituras Em Audição (Association of Audio Scriptures). Sergio says in Mozambique, “many do not have a chance to read a Bible, and it is often difficult to get a written Bible—but an audio Bible makes God’s Word accessible to all.”

Sergio especially enjoys the technical aspects of audio editing; making the audio recordings as high quality as possible so people can listen to them for years to come. When he’s not working, Sergio enjoys being with his family and keeping up on local politics. Sergio and his wife, Juliet, live in Xai-Xai, Mozambique with their three children.

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