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Living Water

Access to water is so important that ”springs of living water” is the very illustration Jesus used, when He promised His Spirit to those who believe in Him (John 7:37-39).

 In June, ASM’s New Harvest Farm team celebrated a successful well drilling, providing fresh water to the farm, thanks to your prayers and the generous support of donors. 

We have water at New Harvest Farm!

Due to complications, it took two attempts – drilling through rock and silt until reaching sweet, clean water!

As the water bubbled and then gushed up out of the ground, we praised God for how this water will help the team offer more Bible-based agricultural training by providing safe water for crops and to serve this Mozambican community.

God is using your prayers and financial support to also address the thirst for His Word.  Chad Vanden Bosch, ASM’s Africa Operations Director, and our team in Mozambique celebrated a shipment of over 2,000 audio Bibles so we and our partners can respond to the great thirst for God. Thank you!  Please pray for wisdom in distributing these valued devices wisely, and for many to believe as they listen, so the “rivers of living water will flow from within them” (John 7:39, NIV).

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