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The Mozambique Compassionate Care Team ministers daily to people with a wide range of debilitating or incurable diseases. Dara Vanden Bosch, ASM Compassionate Care Ministries Coordinator, says her Mozambican team focuses on palliative care and seeks to comfort and encourage patients. Weekly visits help Dara and her team track the health of patients, build trusting relationships, and share audio players with Scripture, Bible stories and Christian music.

Every day is an adventure for this team as they navigate bush roads and treat patients in significant poverty with heartbreaking needs. Yet, God is using this team to shine His light.

While traveling along one of Mozambique’s bush roads, the team encountered an elderly woman walking with intention, carrying a small bundle. The team was drawn to her because her posture was so bent over that her pelvis was higher than her head. She hobbled along with a stick as her crutch. As the team approached the woman, she hobbled away as quickly as she could, fearing they were seeking to harm her. After explaining their intention to help by giving her something to alleviate her pain, the woman agreed to allow the team to visit her weekly. Over time the team has built a strong relationship with Roda and provided treatment for physical issues including a painful foot that improved with regular pain relievers. Recently, an accident with hot cooking oil caused significant burns on Roda’s feet and right hand. Those burns received treatment and healed, without infection!

Dara says, “Roda has become a joy to our team and it doesn’t matter what battle she is facing. She always remains positive and optimistic. [When we met her] she had gone to church her whole life but didn’t know how to pray. We talked to her about how you can talk to God as a friend! Now she is much more comfortable with prayer.”

This developing friendship has been a blessing to Dara and her team, as well as to Roda. Dara says that they have learned a lot from Roda who has also recognized that the Lord brought the team to her. Roda is deeply grateful for the assistance, love, hope and encouragement the team brings. Because she loves to sing, during one recent visit Roda made up her own words to a song thanking God for the Compassionate Care Team. With her wounds healed and her pain managed, Roda continues to learn about her Heavenly Father and Jesus as a Savior.

By God’s grace, serving as the hands and feet of Jesus, the Compassionate Care Team continues to treat physical needs and offers hope in Christ for spiritual needs. The people in Mozambique are experiencing the love of God in tangible ways through the ministry of Dara and her team.

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