Hope for the Hopeless in War-Torn Mozambique

Recently, the ASM staff distributed audio Bibles in a remote portion of central Mozambique heavily affected by military conflict during the past year. It was shocking to see nearly every single building along the rutted dirt road riddled with bullet holes or burned by fire. A peace agreement has been reached in this area, and people are finally returning to their homes, but few are finding their homes or possessions intact. People are not just struggling to survive; they are struggling to find hope.

What better place is there to find hope than in God’s Word? Our staff distributed audio Bibles to a group of dedicated, local pastors in this hard-struck area. The pastors are now listening to the Scriptures with their families and congregations, and they are committed to traveling throughout these war-torn places to bring the hope found in God’s Word. Your generous support of ASM has helped bring hope to countless families and brokenhearted individuals.

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God is using your prayers and gifts to share His Word, even in unusual ways. Jesus said if His disciples would be quiet, even the stones would cry out proclaiming the Good News, but it’s still always a surprise when an audio Bible accidentally turns on inside your bag...

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