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God Speaks My Heart Language

Zuri is a young Zapotec-speaker. She grew up as a pastor’s daughter and has a passion for sharing the Word of God. Every weekend she meets with other young people to discuss and answer questions about passages they have individually listened to during the week. With Zuri’s help, audio Bibles are having a great impact on people’s lives in Mexico.

Even though young people in her village can understand both Spanish and Zapotec, Zuri has discovered that spiritual matters are best understood in your own heart language. For that reason, Zuri’s desire is to help provide Old Testament stories to supplement the already-translated and recorded New Testament in Zapotec, their heart language.

Please join us in praying for funds to allow Zuri to translate and later record a summary of the Old Testament in Zapotec. ASM will also be sending Zuri and her family additional audio Bibles to be placed among more families in Oaxaca, where they live.

Translation: “We thank all those who have made it possible to get these Megavoice (audio Bible players) to our people. If you are willing and able to support and make it possible for more people to get these devices, we would be deeply grateful—because people can understand the Word of God when they listen to it this way.”




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