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God Knew…

“Not a day goes by that we don’t use something that came in the last container,” is a statement often said by Chad and Dara Vanden Bosch. Only God knew how crucial the 2019 Container would be for the Vanden Bosch’s continued ministry in Mozambique, as the pandemic shut down regional borders and travel for much of 2020.

Now your help is needed for the 2021 Mozambique Container Project! ASM, in partnership with RCA Global Mission, local churches, and many individuals, is sending a 40-foot shipping container to Mozambique this year. The Container will include much-needed equipment in support of New Harvest Farm, supplies for our Compassionate Care Team’s vital ministry, and equipment for the two ASM Recording Studios.

You, your family, church, or Christian Education class can invest in Mozambique with resources that will provide significant ministry impact in the coming years. Pray, sponsor or donate items on the list (see the current needs by clicking the green button below). You can crochet or knit hats, organize and crate items, and more!

God can use you to help share His Word in Mozambique.
Needs include 1,000 knitted hats, 3 treadle-style Singer sewing machines, plows, discs, corn shellers, scoop shovels … and more!

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