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Faithful to the Past – Committed to the Future (Part 3)

From David Hickey, ASM President
Serving with ASM since 1986

How and why did you get involved with ASM?
“Although I had been aware of ASM (then PRM) for a number of years, it wasn’t until a Missionary Conference in 1986 that I got to see first-hand what the organization was actually doing and how they were doing it.  The energy and effort being expended on reaching those that could hear, but not read God’s word in the language of their heart was what attracted me the most.  Seeing how people and organizations that I had known for many years were connected in response to God’s command to bring the gospel to all people grabbed my heart.  This wasn’t just another missionary organization; it was a group of people doing what few others were doing.  I wanted to be a part of that task.  A few weeks later, I was invited to join the Board of Directors.”

What has been the greatest change you’ve seen in the ministry of ASM?
“Seizing the opportunity to change how we provide the Gospel in audio and the number of people actually being reached with it is the greatest change in the ministry. Moving from building our own cassette players and sending them to the field with relatively fragile cassette recordings, to today’s more durable players and tomorrow’s cell phone apps is an indication of ASM’s willingness to respond to the changing times and be faithful to our mission and vision.”

Has ASM remained true to founder Dr. Ron Beery’s vision?
ASM has remained true to Ron Beery’s vision.  We have improved our delivery system and reduced its cost, engaged new partners and donors, continued to support recording translated languages, and remained fiscally responsible and transparent.

What impact do audio Bibles have on the recipients?
“The greatest impact audio Bibles have on its recipients is changed lives as the Gospel provides hope and confidence of eternal life with God to all those that listen and surrender to Him.”

What message would you have for ASM supporters about this ministry?
“ASM supporters (donors, foundations, churches) can share personally and corporately in response to the Lord’s commission.  Our vision and actions have not changed, but we can’t do it alone.  Join us!”

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