Listen to Chad and Dara introduce the 2021 Container Project
or watch from the beginning to hear how God is at work in
Mozambique through audio Scripture, Compassionate Care,
and New Harvest Farm

Every single day we use something that came in the last container,” Chad and Dara Vanden Bosch often reflect. 

Only God knew how crucial the 2019 Container would be for the Vanden Bosches’ continued ministry in Mozambique, as the pandemic shut down regional borders and travel for much of 2020.

Now your help is needed for the 2021 Mozambique Container Project!

In early May of 2021, Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM), along with partner RCA Global Mission and many churches and individuals, are sending a 40-foot shipping container to Mozambique.  The Container will include much-needed equipment in support of New Harvest Farm, supplies for our Compassionate Care Team’s vital ministry, and equipment for the two Bible Recording Studios.  

You, your family, church, or Christian Education class can invest in Mozambique with resources that will provide significant ministry impact in the coming years.

You Can Help:


Every aspect of ministry leans on the prayers of God’s people, as our team continues to rely on the LORD’s guidance and provision for this project. Use this printable prayer guide to help cover this project with strategic prayer support: [Download and print]

Join us on May 5th at 10:00 AM (EDT) for the live dedication event over Zoom, as we celebrate God’s provision and pray for His blessing on the Container and its contents! Email to receive the link.


We will need volunteers willing to help organize, crate items, and more!  Call +1.616.396.5291 or email to learn more about how you can help send this container from Holland, MI.


Our team and volunteers will be packing and assembling the needed items by April 29th, in order to send the container by the first week of May.

1. Your help is still needed—provide additional audio Bibles to be used with this Container Project: