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Clear Hope in Prison

Alaska is considered by many to be America’s “last frontier” because of its vast untamed beauty.

Yet like many states, the last frontier struggles with high prison recidivism. Alaska prison Chaplain Scott Thompson says more than two thirds of inmates in Alaska “are re-incarcerated within 3 years,” which he attributes to spiritual and physical issues, including “lack of community support, housing, and opportunity.”

COVID-19 precautions have further isolated these men and women, canceling most prison Bible studies and other outreach efforts. The need for hope and help is great to reach the nearly 6,000 men and women in Alaska’s correctional system.

We praise God that His Word is bringing change and hope to inmates through partners like Chaplain Scott and his wife, Kelly, (pictured left) who started Faith Recovery Fellowship in 2014. They are seeing the Gospel of Jesus change lives, time and time again in Alaska!

In 2021, Chaplain Scott received official approval to distribute specially- designed clear plastic audio Bibles to inmates at one of the prison facilities. Ten “clear” audio Bibles were “gobbled up immediately” by the inmates, according to Chaplain Scott, who says they quickly distributed 10 more and then started a waiting list.

Now even more men in the facility are listening to God’s Word on their own audio Bible. Praise the Lord!

These audio Bibles were also designated as individual “Property” so the men are able to keep them upon their release from prison. Pray for lasting change in their lives as they hear and apply God’s Word both inside and outside the prison walls!

Thank you for your support to help share God’s Word with those hungry to hear it, like these inmates in Alaska. Would you consider making a gift today, designated to “Audio Bibles–Where Most Needed” to help share God’s love in many more places like this?

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