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A 2014 Review/2015 Preview from the Executive Director

Dear ASM Partners, 

I trust you are enjoying our website’s new look. We have made some changes so we can better communicate with you. Please share it with others who might be interested. You may have also noticed that our letters have been updated as well.

We are so thankful for your partnership with ASM over the past year. God has done amazing things in the lives of those who have received His Word in audio. Your prayers and gifts have made that a reality.

In 2015, we are anticipating some great advances for the Gospel. The construction of our new India facility is now complete, and we believe that God is going to bless our efforts in an amazing way. We will continue to distribute audio Bibles among hard-to-reach people groups in Nepal and Mexico. We are also expanding our recording capabilities to reach the many tribal groups of central Mozambique. Our desire at ASM will always be to reach more oral people groups with the Word of God in audio, especially those who have not yet heard.

As you pray about year-end giving, please consider a monthly sponsorship of one of the projects featured on the giving page of this website. The training of new technicians, the recording of Scripture, and the distribution of audio Bibles are still the main objectives of ASM. We know that if non-literate people don’t receive a Bible in audio, they will never have access to God’s Word. 

Thanks again for your prayers and support. Together, we are helping to further reach this world for Christ.

Have a merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Until ALL have heard.

Jim Loker

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