20 People Saved

They couldn’t wait to share their story! Katja and Jonathan told Tara Rye, ASM’s Bible Engagement Director, how “20 of the majority people group have come to Jesus from the solar audio Bibles, and five people have recommitted their lives to Christ!”

Katja and Jonathan’s son, Gadisa (pictured left in red), is adopted from a remote East African village that speaks the Amharic language of Ethiopia. Because of the resources YOU PROVIDED, Tara had given Gadisa three audio Bibles in Amharic. They later requested additional audio Bibles in other languages for other villages they visited last year.

In a recent email, Katja learned that many people had come to Jesus through hearing God’s Word. “These are not one-per-person Bibles,” Katja explained, “these are going to go to many people, to be shared widely.” Join us in praying that these new believers will continue to share with many others still waiting to hear so more people will call upon the Lord and be saved.

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