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ASM helps connect people to God’s Word in their own heart language by recording and distributing Bible and Bible Engagement resources in audio.

2 Billion

unreached people worldwide


of the world prefers
oral communication


of pastors worldwide
have no formal training

Today we're Praying for

16 July:

Hope to Keep Fighting

Pray for those who are battling chronic illness, like the patients the Compassionate Care team serves. When suffering is great and resources limited, it can seem easier to give up hope, leading to further deterioration. Pray that the Lord will be the hope for those feeling like there’s no reason to keep fighting.

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God At Work Around The World

Ten years ago, a naïve and passionate duo, Dara and Rabeca, started asking questions and imagining what it would be like to start a project working with people who desperately needed love and care at the end of life...
Miracles, mudslides, and Mexican mole are all part of Jim and Jamie Loker’s (ASM’s Latin America Directors) 30 years of...
Picking up a Bible, using an audio Bible, or listening to a Bible app may not feel risky. Yet, that same access to God’s Word can be dangerous for Christian brothers and sisters around the world...
Upon receiving two ASM audio Bibles through YOUR prayers and support, Jenna thought, “I know exactly who this is meant for!”...

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Every person needs to hear God’s Word. Yet, millions are still waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus in their own heart language. Your financial gifts and prayers support are essential to provide access to the Bible in a way people can easily listen and share it with others.

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