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Home in His Word

Wherever you are, in whatever language you speak…

1. Record yourself or your family reading a Scripture focus (some ideas below)

2. Share it on social media, with the hashtag #HomeinHisWord

Upload your video to be considered—chosen videos will be featured on ASM’s facebook page.

See some examples of #HomeinHisWord videos on our YouTube Channel

We believe everyone should have access to hear God’s Word.

At Audio Scripture Ministries our teams work diligently around the world to record the Bible in dozens of languages every year, so all will hear the Gospel of Jesus in their own heart language, including oral communicators who do not read. 

Right now, many people worldwide are staying home due to COVID-19, but if you have access to God’s Word and this webpage, you can still celebrate God’s Word in community and share it with others—through social media. 

Would you join us today in celebrating the promises of God, and sharing God’s Word from right where you are? 


1) Pick a brief Scripture passage or a verse that is meaningful to you —

—perhaps it was something that first pointed you to Jesus,

—a verse you’ve returned to, over and over again.

—or helped you come closer to Him…

—or something that has recently become very meaningful.

2) Please record yourself (or have a family member record you) reciting or reading it.

—Before you read the Bible passage/verse(s), start with just a few lines of why/how/when it was meaningful to you.

—Speak in the language and version you’d like — think of those in your network who might see it. What will be most meaningful?  Or perhaps share it in two languages, one after the other.

3) Share it on social media with the #HomeinHisWord hashtag and encourage others to join!