Distribution in Northeast India

We honestly don’t know how old Chira Kama is, but in his village, rumor has it that he is over 100 years old. Chira belongs to the Nyishi community in a remote part of NE India. He, like many in his community, is an oral preference learner. The Bible was never accessible to Chira or his community. Following a recent recording of the Scriptures, our national partners were able to give Chira his first audio Bible. The great joy he expressed was hard to forget!

Our local contact says that ever since Kama received his audio Bible, he has been inseparable from it, refusing to give it up for anything. He has begun memorizing large portions of Scripture and simply has not stopped listening to it. Even now, when you see him, you will find him reciting Scripture along with his faithful audio Bible companion. We are thankful for people like Chira and for the many thousands who remind us of the joy it is to be able to hear and meditate on God’s Word daily.